Get Started!

STEP 1. Complete the Request Form below for a Free Temperament Test. We will respond via email within 24-48 hours with testing availability & information.

We perform tests Mon through Fri at 12pm. Testing takes about 30 minutes.  We cannot perform tests on Saturdays.

 *Please check your spam folder if you think you have not received a response.


STEP 2. Reply to our email with the date & time you prefer & proof of updated vaccinations to your reserve your test appointment (we cannot reserve test appointments without these).  


(Dogs must attend daycare within 2 weeks of testing)

* We currently have a waiting list for Bully Breeds. Please feel free to complete the form if you wish to be added to the list!


*We are typically booking tests 2-3 weeks ahead
*If you have multiple dogs, complete forms for each



All dogs are required to take a Temperament Test for the safety of our friends. We believe all dogs are good dogs but some may be too nervous or anxious for daycare! We just want what's best for all the dogs and that is to be happy and feel comfortable!

  • Dogs must be well socialized

  • Must be 4 months or older

  • Dogs over 6 Months must be Spayed/Neutered

  • Up to Date Vaccinations Required- Rabies, Bordetella, &Distemper. Negative Fecal Test required for puppies under 1 year & dogs rescued within 90 days of testing. *All Vaccinations must be administered at least 7 days prior to daycare/boarding.

  • Flea Tick Preventative Use (Flea Collars are not permitted in daycare)

  • Dogs are required to complete 2 full days of daycare prior to making a boarding reservation.