About us


We are dog lovers and owners who want the very best for our dogs and yours! Bark Republic is a place where dogs can roam without being confined to a crate leaving you worry-free while you are away. We have created the ultimate home away from home so you can rest assure your dog is a happy one in your absence. We believe dogs are not just pets, but an important part of the family and should be treated with love and care. We will pamper and spoil your pet just like you do!

Bark Republic is a safe and positive environment where dogs can socialize with other canine friends, get some exercise, companionship, and of course, plenty of belly rubs!  We provide an attentive staff, a clean well-managed facility, and dedication to your dog's happiness.

We created Bark Republic so you can have a peace of mind that your dog is in good hands and receiving all the love and care they deserve.  We are dog people dedicated to our dogs and yours.